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Calorie Shifting Diet - Important Questions And Answers

The Calorie Shifting diet is gradually gaining momentum in the weight loss industry as an effective method to achieve fast and continuous fat loss. But what do we really know about this weight loss theory?

Here are some important questions and answers regarding the calorie shifting diet:

Q: How does the Calorie Shifting Diet work?

A: Calorie Shifting works by constantly changing what you eat. In this way, you trick your metabolism to think you're not dieting, so it remains running high and burning a lot of fat. In other diets, the metabolism slows down so you see a gradual reduction in your weight loss rate. Calorie shifting prevents this from happening.

Q: What kind of exercise should I do with this diet?

A: Shifting Calories is based on nutrition alone, so no exercise is required. However, some brisk walking or light weight training once in a while is recommended.

Q: How long does it take to prepare the dishes in a common Calorie Shifting menu?

A: Calorie Shifting menus include regular food which is easy to make. The method works by alternating the type of calories which you eat and isn't based on fancy foods.

Q: Is Calorie Shifting like carb cycling?

A: No. Carb cycling involves altering the amount of calories you eat from one day to the next. Calorie Shifting is much more advanced as it deals with the type of calories as well as the quantity of food you eat.

Q: What Calorie Shifting diets are there?

A: The original Calorie Shifting diet is Fat Loss 4 Idiots. So far, it is the only reputable diet on the market today which is based on Calorie Shifting.

I hope these questions and answers have helped you to understand more about Calorie Shifting.

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