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7 Best Way To Lose Belly Fat And Get The Slim

The chances of developing belly fats are more in people who indulge on eating excess fatty foods and drinking beers. Generally, women, following their pregnancy, tend to put on more belly fats. The diseases that have been associated with visceral fat around the waist are heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. Both of these are extremely serious illnesses. Some people who have belly fat will just have subcutaneous fat, however you will not know, so keeping your waistline down is the only safe bet.

1. One of the best ways for removing stomach fat is adding adequate amounts of whole grain foods in the diet plan, rather than consuming refined grains. Studies have been conducted on people who consume the same diet, but with different grain servings. In one group whole grains were given with fruits, vegetables and other food items; whereas the same diet with refined grains was served in another group. The outcome is that participants consuming whole grains lose belly fats more than the others.

2. The most important step in losing belly fat comes as no big surprise. The same mantra that applies to the rest of the body for weight loss applies to belly fat too. It is to decrease calorie intake and increase energy expenditure.

3. Instead of eating 3 heavy meals per day, you should try to eat several smaller meals throughout the day (5-6 times per day). This way you can also divide your daily calorie intake, as well as help your body increase it's fat burning metabolism, which will also help you lose weight.

4. There is nothing wrong with eating chocolates or cakes or other sweets, as long as you don't overdo it. Your focus should be on the important nutrients such as protein, a little bit of carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins and minerals. Eating high amounts of protein and fiber will fire up your metabolism and make you lose weight faster than ever.

5. In contrast to many people's views about removing stomach fat, spot exercise is not effective for getting rid of belly fats. Even if you perform several rounds of crunches or abdominal exercise daily, you are not going to flatten your stomach. Nevertheless, you can strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles with spot exercise. While speaking about the exercises to lose belly fat, performing moderate physical activities for about 45-50 minutes is sufficient to effectively remove fat from stomach.

6. Avoid refined carbohydrates and switch to whole grain foods (like brown rice, oats and barley) for all grain servings in a day at the same time cutting calories in a diet. A recent study shows that consumption of whole grains in combination with a reduced calorie diet resulted in a loss of belly fat along with a reduction in a C reactive protein (a protein related to heart disease, and a marker for inflammation) in a group of obese people at risk for cardiovascular disease.

7. Water will help you flush out a lot of toxins from your body, as well as help you with a proper digestion. Water will also make you feel full so you won't feel like eating all the time.
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