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Can You Really Cheat on Your Diet and Lose Weight? CNI and the Core4 Program Insists You Can

Are you struggling with your weight and wishing there was a way to 'cheat' and still safely lose those extra pounds? Better yet, do you wish there was a way not to diet and still lose weight easily? The good news is that losing that weight without strenuous exercise, extreme dieting, or surgery really is possible. And yes, you really can cheat and lose the extra weight! The even better news is that you can make money doing it!

A New Way to Cheat and Prosper

The Core4 program by CNI (CalNutrasciences) is a brand new, patent pending product available now. It is safe, organic, easy to use and unlike any other program you might have tried. It is independently distributed, so it is not available in retail stores. This keeps the cost down for consumers and likewise creates an incredible income opportunity for those seeking a home-based business or another stream of passive income. Core4 will not become widely available until July of 2009 and those who get on board early will most assuredly enjoy the same rewards as the early distributors of mega-companies such as Herbalife.

What is so amazing about this company and program is that the creators already have a proven and very successful (over a billion dollars in weight loss products) track record in the nutriceutical industry and invested over fourteen months (and millions) in research before launching. Please refer to my other articles in this series on CNI for further information.

The Core4 Overview

The Core4 weight loss program consists of four components: Cheat, Flush, Lean and Accelerate:

Cheat: Cheat is a tasteless, odorless sprinkle that reduces calories by 25%. Simply sprinkle it on your food at every meal.
Flush: Flush is a gentle, effective colon-cleanser that helps to reduce your body's toxins and 'flush' your system.
Lean: Lean is a great tasting meal replacement powder. Simply mix with water or fruit juice for a really satisfying and healthy meal replacement. Your appetite will be reduced and so will your cravings.
Accelerate: Accelerate is a patent pending thermogenic supplement that won't leave you feeling jittery.

Early Results

Early testimonials have reported incredible success. Weight losses of 8-16 pounds in two weeks without dieting, diet changes, or increased exercise are well documented and not uncommon. Athletes have likewise reported a reduction of body fat on this system.
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