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Simple Swaps to Cut 500 Calories

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Pop your own

A movie’s just not a movie without popcorn! But most large, buttery tubs from the concession stand boast a whopping 1,000-plus calories. Smuggle in your own (air- or microwave-popped, 94% fat-free) and save around 900 calories.

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Have your cake and eat it, too

Craving something sweet? Treat yourself to a mini-cupcake instead of a ginormous one, and you can slash around 500 calories.

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Tame your tuna melt

This sandwich staple can clock in at 1,000 calories—ouch! A tuna-and–cream cheese sushi roll will hit the same spot for a lot less damage. We’re talking a savings of more than 600 calories.

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Fool yourself slim

Simply trade in your 12-inch dinner plate for a 10-inch one, and you’ll eat up to 22% fewer calories, research suggests. Do that for every meal of the day, and you’ll bank around 500 calories.

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Skinnify your pizza pie

Choose a couple of slices of Domino’s thin-crust cheese pizza with veggies instead of two slices of their deep-dish double-cheese pizza with pepperoni, shredded Parmesan, and anchovies to net a 500-plus calorie savings.

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