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How to Lose Weight with the Atkins Diet Weight Loss Program

Eating to diet the Atkins way starts with the “Induction Phase” of Atkin’s trend-setting low-carbohydrate diet program. Learning how to lose weight by eating meats and fats instead of bread and pasta is a great way to dive into your new dietary eating plans and start a healthy weight loss program.

How to lose weight using the Atkins Diet Weight Loss Program has filled the self-improvement and cookbook aisles in bookstores for over a decade. Health institutions and diet analysts continue to evaluate the validity and results of the Atkins Diet. Despite the death of the founder, Dr. Robert Atkins, which led to substantial financial setbacks for the Atkins Company, the Atkins Diet continues to survive. The setback was temporary. Modernizing the Atkins Diet Program and focusing on today’s mobile society led to a rebound, and dieters all over the world continue to learn how to lose weight with the Atkins Diet Weight Loss Program.

Atkin’s dietary methods vehemently refute the government’s proposed food pyramid. Atkin’s food pyramid places breads, grains and pastas at the top, indicating that there should be low consumption of these foods. The government’s food pyramid puts the same category at the bottom of the food pyramid. This is a key factor in learning how to lose weight with the Atkins Diet Weight Loss Program. (Sticking with the diet is the number one factor for success!)

There is scientific evidence that the Atkins Diet Weight Loss Program succeeds in six months. If you are planning to start with the Atkins Diet – it’s important that you strive to maintain their dietary, nutritional, and physical recommendations for at least six months. Many dieters resolve to continue the Atkins diet after six months to continue losing weight, and others are satisfied with their weight loss after six months.

As with any plans to lose weight, the most trying part of the diet is in the beginning. Having the resolve to follow through with the diet will no doubt contribute to your success. Atkins begins with the “Induction Phase.” Learning how to get through the “Induction Phase” of your dieting plan is the most important part of the diet. The main idea behind Atkin’s dietary theory is to burn fat rather than carbohydrates. During the “Induction Phase” your diet goal is to get your body to begin this state of dieting. Pastas, starchy vegetables and grains are not allowed during this phase, although they may be introduced in small amounts later on. You are instructed to stay away from breads, sweets and alcohol, and drinking eight glasses of water a day is mandatory.

Learning how to stay away from grains and sweets certainly isn’t easy – and Dr. Atkins was aware of the cravings that a lack of carbohydrates would produce with such a drastic change in a person’s eating habits. Hence, meats and fats are allowed to alleviate the cravings for carbohydrates. Dr. Atkin’s also allows for eating three meals a day, or eating several smaller meals. How to lose weight with the Atkins Diet Weight Loss Program starts with getting through Atkin’s dietary eating restrictions during the “Induction Phase.” Start inducting yourself into the weight loss hall of fame – and see how successful the Atkins Diet can be. Once you get through this phase – you’ll be well on your way to reach your weight-loss goals.
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