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His and Hers Liposuction

With more males undergoing cosmetic surgery than ever, there's never been a better time for you and your man to have a his and hers makeover. After all, you save for upgrades to your car and improvements to your home, so why not save up for some much-needed personal TLC?

Vicki and Neil Taylor are a couple who decided to do just that. Using their £25,500 life savings, they undertook a number of procedures, including liposuction, to help them overhaul their bodies and look better for each other.

Neil, 46, an engineering manager, and Vicki, 42, have three kids - one of whom was born with brain damage - and looking after their large family, although rewarding, had started to take its toll on the couples appearance. It had also destroyed the couple's confidence, as Vicki explains, "It's hard to feel confident when there are bits of you that stick out like a sore thumb no matter how hard you try to cover them up."

Indeed, Vicki's flabby thighs had left her feeling so self-conscious; she refused to get undressed with the lights on. She said: "It got to the point where I hated taking my clothes off in front of Neil, which of course affected our sex life. I felt so self-conscious and started insisting we turn the lights out." However, after investing in liposuction to reduce her problem area, she's happy with her new figure and loves showing it off.

Neil was so pleased with the results of Vicki's liposuction; he decided to get in on the act. He chose to undergo two liposuction procedures, which would remove his love handles and leave him with an altogether slimmer physique. Neil also decided to correct a problem that had been plaguing him since he started to lose his hair in his twenties; his bald spot. Vicki said: "He'd never mentioned a transplant before, but once he saw how my surgery had turned out he decided to go for it. They took hair follicles from the back of Neil's neck, drilled holes in the top of his head where he'd gone bald, and implanted the follicles one at a time." Like the liposuction, Neil was delighted by the results of his hair transplant.

The couple were so impressed by the results of their cosmetic procedures that they plan to have more. Vicki admits, "Neil's talked about more liposuction and a tummy tuck. I'd like to sort out the loose skin at the top of my arms, and maybe a boob lift and facelift sometime in the future."

Neil and Vicki have no regrets about going under the knife and swear that their treatment has restored their looks, confidence and most importantly, their sex drives. As Vicki explains, "It's nice knowing we look good, but feeling good about ourselves is more important."
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