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Lose Body Fat At An Alarming Rate With Interval Training

Having a tough time losing body fat from those problem areas? If your current cardio program is failing you, then interval training could be your answer. Interval training, done correctly, has been proven to be the most effective way to lose stubborn body fat.

Interval Training Burns a Massive Amount of Calories in a Short Time

Want to know the secret of getting lean? Burn more calories than what you eat each day. This is a proven, no fail method to getting lean. Interval training is tough work, but it is very effective at creating a large calorie deficit. You will burn calories after the workout is done because it essentially boosts your metabolism for up to 48 hours after the workout. You can't claim the same about moderate cardio.

I have used different variations of this basic interval training workout for 6 years. This allows me to have six pack abs year round. It works very well!

1) Find your favorite piece of cardio equipment

2) Walk or ride at a Steady State Cardio Pace for 1.5 minutes

3) Jog or peddle fast for 30 seconds (set the resistance higher)

4) Go back to the same Steady State Cardio Pace for 1.5 minutes

5) After one-and-a-half minutes at moderate, you are going to hit the intense level for 30 seconds again. This time you want it to be even more intense than the first 30 second bout.

6) Repeat this for 20-30 minutes

Some things to look for...you will want to make sure that you are a bit short of breath and sweating when the workout is done. If you are breathing normal or aren't sweating, then you won't get the full benefits of interval training. You can't make up for a lack of intensity by training longer, you really need to tough it out for this to work well. Interval training isn't the easiest way to workout, but it is the most effective for getting rid of stubborn body fat.
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