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How Can Coaching Help You Lose Weight?

The issues surrounding weight self-image and health are climbing to alarming proportions around the globe. It is a sign of the times and what most individuals and societies do not understand is that the issues are merely a symptom of what is really wrong.

In an effort to search for solutions individuals start trying different diets and so the yo-yo trend of dieting begins. These are not only expensive, soul-destroying and temporary solutions, but they are dangerous for our health and can and do affect the ability to lose weight permanently. How many more diets need to help us lose weight? How much more money does one have to spend on weight-loss solutions and how much more willpower is required to lose weight? Is it possible that it is not about willpower at all?

Most diets that and many diet books I have read and studied suggest that weight is a problem that needs to be solved. Through my experience, however, I have come to discover that weight is the symptom and not the problem. This is why diets help on a temporary basis only. Even if you manage to keep the weight off for a year or more, it is not permanent, it is not forever. Diets actually enslave you by whether you are fat and thin. They serve to dictate your thoughts around food and weight issues on a constant basis. This is no way to live.
So what is the answer?

Weight loss through coaching offers an alternative and permanent solution to weight loss. Most diets treat only the superficial symptom of excess weight. Weight loss coaching, however, helps, guides and supports you to understand what it is that causes you to overeat. It addresses issues that diets cannot as most diets are not customized to the individual. They do not look at the unique causes for overeating for each individual. Through introspection, weight loss coaches can identify these causes and begin a process of change. The causes are not always clear for all to see. Through coaching, coaches are able to pinpoint possible reasons for sabotaging behavior. This involves a process of action, questioning, feedback, honesty and awareness.

Diets generally do not offer these life tools. Some diets work, some don't and if they work the results are usually short-lived. The coaching process looks at fears that stop you from losing weight help you to develop strategies that will guarantee your success. By insightfully discovering and understanding the cause of your weight history, you CAN change your weight and change your life.
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