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Real life weight loss story: From 75 kgs to 54 kgs, Charu Nagpal lost 21 kgs in 4 years just by running

Charu weight loss story

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Weight loss – it might be a two letter word but losing weight is not an easy boat to sail. If you are ever bullied in school or body shamed in college or office, you might know how people calling you ‘FAT’ might affect you mentally. And the same happened to Charu Nagpal when she was bullied at school and called by names in her pre-teens. But a true foodie, Charu never felt the need to lose weight not until she weighed a whooping 75 kg at a tender age of 15. After a series of similar events, Charu left no stone unturned to get on her weight loss journey and shed 21 kgs in a span of 4 years only through running and jogging. Here’s how Charu has achieved this feat.

My struggling years

I started to put on weight when I entered my pre-teen years. A foodie at heart, I never thought of what to eat and how much to eat but ate everything that was there on the platter. I always felt that food is the only thing that can make me happy. When girls around me were wearing pretty dresses, all I could think of is to look for clothes that I could fit in. But this didn’t instigate the feeling of being overweight in me. All I wanted to do in life was to eat and live happily. Want to lose weight? Here is our 365-fitness day plan that might help!

The day I realised I was 75 kgs

I can never forget the day when I was forced to stand on a weighing machine. It showed – ’75 kgs’. That was an awful day for me. I cried a lot after going home. Although everyone used to tell me that I had to lose weight and gave their piece of mind in kick-starting my weight loss journey, it was not until that day I realised to take it seriously and get started. Moreover, I also started experiencing health problems due to my weight. That was the day, when I decided that I had to lose weight at any cost as I don’t want to live my life like this! Well, I even contemplated suicide at this point.

Walking and jogging – the way to lose weight

When I entered college, I realised that I have to lose weight not for anyone else but me. And since, I am not a fitness freak and didn’t have an idea on how to go about it, I stumbled upon walking. And I didn’t have to think twice about it, as walking can be done by everyone and anywhere. So I started walking every day for at least an hour after dinner. And I made it a point that I go for a walk daily. I started enjoying it as the fresh air helped me to overcome stress and over the time, it became a habit to go for walking. I haven’t put in too much of efforts but walking every hour for around two years made a significant difference in my weight. I had lost around 6- 7 kgs in 24 months only through walking. Read more about the right way to walk and lose weight.

When I developed some stamina and have visibly seen the results for myself, I started going for jogging. I used to plug in earphones and just forget everything and run with my friends. At this time, my friends were my support and strength as they motivated me to stay on track.

My diet plan during the initial years

No tea or coffee, I used to start my day with lemon and honey in warm water. It helped me to stay active and energetic. I never skipped my breakfast as it is the first meal of the day and a healthy breakfast helps you to keep full for a long time. With fruits, sprouts, vegetable sandwich and parathas without oil (occasionally not daily), I used to make sure that my day started on a healthy note.

I used to have my lunch on time. Earlier, my lunch used to comprise of 3 rotis and subzi, but I had cut it down to 2 rotis with dal/subzi, raita or salad. While curd and fresh fruits (I love watermelon) were my munchies that helped me to curb my hunger pangs. I had a light dinner, preferably around 3 hours before going to sleep. I used to drink lots of water before dinner.

My diet mantra for weight loss was to substitute junk food with healthier options like low-calorie food or a high protein food. Hence, all the while, I made sure that I don’t eat junk food. Sugar was totally omitted from my diet. Don’t indulge in cheat meals until and unless you have achieved a benchmark. Here’s a sample weight loss diet plan by an expert dietician.

And finally at the end of my college, everyone was shocked to see the transformation. When I left college, I was 58 kgs, from 75 kgs and I felt so happy and confident.

The uphill task of maintaining my weight

I entered the corporate culture, where people are hooked to their computers and chair for almost 9 hours a day. I was taken aback, as I thought that sitting for hours at a stretch could ruin my efforts of maintaining my weight under control as everyone was fat. It really scared me. But then I discovered my new love – my passion for gymming – the perfect way to stay fit and healthy.

I make sure I hit the gym before going to work as it keeps me happy and full of energy for the rest of the day. I eat everything in moderation but still avoid junk food in my diet. Fresh fruits and salads are my favourite snacks. I prefer walking and use stairs instead of lift to reach my office. I am 54 kgs now, filled with confidence and positivity in life. I can now proudly say that this is a new life for me. Here are 8 ways to make your exercise fun and lose weight!

What my journey has taught me

The basic prerequisite for weight loss is motivation. It should come from within as it is not a day’s effort but might need months and years at a stretch to achieve the results. Your motivation could be anything like a sexy dress that you saw at shopper’s stop or your favourite actor. You might be frustrated in the beginning when the results are actually invisible and think of quitting it but be patient till your efforts bear fruits. It takes a lot of effort and self-control but it is worth it once you see the transformation.

Do it for yourself and not for anyone else. Live a happy and healthy life.

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