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Why you should drink warm water after your meals

Warm water for weight loss

We all know that staying hydrated, especially by drinking enough water throughout the day is essential to staying healthy. But did you know that warm water has a number of health benefits, including helping you lose weight and improving digestion? Here’s why you should drink warm water after your meals to help you lose weight.

How it helps

Dr Gowthaman, Ayurvedacharya and CEO of rVita, says that drinking water, especially warm water after your meals is the best way to stay slim and speed up your metabolism.

It helps increase your body’s temperature, which in turn accelerates your metabolic rate. It also helps wash down all the food stuck to your food pipe, especially the fat, and aids in proper digestion of the food you have eaten. Warm water also helps detoxify your body by cleansing out the toxins and reduces bloating.

How to use it

When you are eating a meal, replace that glass of room temperature or cold water with some warm water. You can either choose to sip this throughout the meal or drink it a little after your meal. If you are drinking the water after your meal, make sure you sip it and do not drink it too fast.

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