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4 ways your salad is sabotaging your weight loss goals


You may think you are eating healthy by ordering a salad, but sometimes you may go wrong even with the salad diet. It is true! The serving of greens and vegetables is low in calories and rich in fibre, vitamins and antioxidants but the toppings you add to the salad can pack a lot of calories. So here’s how your salad is making you gain weight leaving you with no choice but hit the gym.

You add cheese to your salad
The flavourful cheese may be rich in protein and calcium, but they are high in calories and saturated fat. Only one cheese cube will add as much as 80 calories to your salad. The best you can do to maintain your weight is to avoid cheese in your salad. To get a dose of protein, add low-fat cottage cheese to your salad if you are a vegetarian or add hard boiled eggs.

Your salad dressing is cream based
If you are on a weight loss plan, you need to avoid some of your favourite dressings like mayonnaise and cream. These ingredients are high in calories and fat that can negate the healthy aspects of your salad. So replace your mayonnaise-condiments with fat-free options like yogurt. When you are dining out, always ask for olive oil based dressing. You can try these 6 healthy salad dressing recipes.

You like adding crispy noodles
Many of us like adding crispy noodles to our salad but the downside is that these crispy noodles pack a lot of calories. Only a quarter of a bowl of crispy noodles can pack you with 150 calories. Instead, add water chestnuts if you want to make your salad crunchy. They will pack you with fibre and keep you satiated.

You add dried fruits
The bits of dry fruits may add plenty of crunch and tang to your salad but you need to choose your dried fruits wisely. Just half cup of cranberries contains 26 calories and a quarter of a cup of raisins contain about 110 calories. Instead, chop a medium-sized green apple for a burst of tangy-sweet.

These calories are counted using HealthifyMe calorie counter, world’s first Indian nutrition tracker.

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