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How this 115 kg man lost weight will motivate you

Rohan weight loss story

We all know how difficult it can be to lose weight. Especially if you have a lot to lose. In today’s day and age, with a large number of things to tempt us to lazily lay on our couch and munch on something yummy, and unhealthy — we all need that occasional boost of inspiration to get going and shed those kilos. That’s exactly what happened when I heard the story of Rohan Bhatia, a 31-year-old professional, who has lost 25 kilograms in a little more than a year. Here are excerpts of my interview with him.

What triggered your weight loss?

My journey started in 2008, when I had just had a breakup and was down and out. One day, after the break-up, I went in for a shower and took off my shirt. What I saw in the mirror didn’t really please me. I was about 115 kilograms. That coupled with the breakup made me realize that I needed to take stock of my life and make a serious change.

How did you start?
Today I am 90 kilograms. I have lost about 25 kilograms in a year and a half. While 90 kilograms may sound like a lot, I am 6’2″tall, so this is a good weight for me.

When I started my journey, it was tough. My knees hurt, my back hurt and all I wanted to do was stop and make the pain go away. But soon I realized that it was all temporary, and it does get better. While I am not saying that you should keep at it if it hurts too badly — then you need to go get checked. But people must know that initially it’s painful since your body is not used to all the movement. So just keep pushing and it will get easier.
I made sure I started off slowly and didn’t do anything crazy. What I had to realize and want to tell people is that be kind to yourself; it’s not a race — who’s going to lose weight first. If you are getting uncomfortable, take a small break and then continue. It’s all about taking it easy on yourself but just to keep going.

I started by joining a gym where I did cardio by walking on the treadmill and then weights. But that’s not the only way to lose weight.
As for my diet, it was just a conscious effort. For instance if I was going out, instead of getting something fried, I’d have some grilled chicken, instead of fries I’d choose to eat salad. I also switched from white rice to brown rice.

Initially the weight loss was quick and really inspiring to see, and then I hit a plateau. This is when you need to work harder. For me, 90 is my plateau.
That being said, I also believe that after a certain point, weight really doesn’t matter. What you see on the weighing scale is not as important as being healthy. You could gain muscle and be the same weight. I think people are hung up on what the weighing scale says and have to let that go.

Is it necessary to hire a trainer or dietician? What did you do?

I did it on my own, because I was a student back then and couldn’t afford a trainer. But I advise people to go in for an initial consultation with a trainer because you could go through the motions but not be doing the exercise right and not be working out the right muscles. If you can’t afford one for three or four months, just go in for one consultation so he/she can help you learn the correct form of each exercise.
As far as diet is concerned, I did some research and made healthy choices. It is more of what you can handle at that point of time. As you lose weight, you will begin to understand how to make a choice between what you want versus what you should eat. I’d say people should stay away from these fad diets because it is not sustainable in the long run. Plus, once you stop, you do tend to put on more weight. I think people should think long term and not short term gains — about how they want to stay healthy and fit. Read about Barley water — your secret weight loss tool.

What was the journey like?

Initially, it was tough because I had no stamina or energy, I hurt all over and this affected my willpower. In the beginning, I had a lot of muscle soreness and was cranky. But as I kept at it, I started needing that workout. So if I missed a day, I used to feel uncomfortable. Initially, if you have strong will power, the first couple of weeks are tough but keep at it and you’ll get there.

How has your life changed?

My confidence has gone up. I feel very happy and positive. Even though parts of my life aren’t perfect, the positivity gets me through. Plus I get to wear nice clothes. It’s a nice boost.

Most importantly I feel much healthier now. In fact, I know people my age who don’t have as much stamina as me.

What do you do to keep the weight off and stay fit?

It’s not like once you lose weight you can stop. If that’s your goal, then it’s not going to work.

Even today, after I have lost all that weight, I eat healthy and stay away from fried food. I also have a sweet tooth and sometimes the fat kid in me just needs to be fed, on those days I give in but workout harder the next day.

As for a workout, I make sure I get some form of exercise in a day. I don’t like going to the gym, so I play some kind sport. One of the key things that worked for me was that I found a routine that was sustainable for me in the long run. Simple things like taking the stairs or walking also count as some form of exercise, so, I just change my routine to help me stay interested and focused.

What advice would you give to people trying to lose weight?

I would say do it for yourself and no one else. Don’t aspire to be like the models on magazine covers, just chip away at it one day at a time. Do it for the right reasons and make yourself happy.

Also, what I found to be very useful was not to listen to too many people. I’d say do your own research and know your body, because what worked for me may not work for someone else. Stay in a positive space and don’t lose hope.

Finally, remember that weight loss is much more than the physical change, I think staying positive mentally is important because the body responds, and you will see the changes. The journey ends, and it’s wonderful.

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