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Are night falls making me weak? (Sex Query)


Q: I am a 28-year-old unmarried male. I used to be healthy but since the last two years I am losing weight, my eyesight is becoming weak. I think it is due to the regular nightfall I have almost everyday. How can I make it stop?

Answer: Basically night falls occur because your body needs to get rid of the extra semen in the system. Normally it does so either when you masturbate or have sex. If you’re not doing any of them then it’s quite likely that night falls are the only way to get rid of the excess semen. Nocturnal emissions or masturbation have no connection with the health issues you’ve mentioned. You can’t lose your eye sight or lose your muscles or weight due to nocturnal emissions. If masturbating or night falls really helped people lose weight no one would ever go to gyms! Here are some myths about masturbation busted.

Jokes aside, if you really are suffering from health problems you should go for a thorough health check-up to determine the cause of your problems because night falls definitely aren’t the issue.

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