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5 yoga asanas that can help boost your metabolism

Yoga asana to get rid of love handles

Losing weight can be tough but if you simply understand what factors you need to control in order to reach your goal weight it can a simple and gradual process. One of best ways to speed up the weight loss process it to give your metabolic rate a boost. A good way to do that is with yoga. Here are 5 yoga asanas you can use to kick start your metabolism and lose weight.

How yoga can help:

While it may seem as just some body twisting exercises, yoga is actually quite beneficial in boosting your metabolism, improving your metabolism and speeds up the fat burning process. They also strengthen your core muscles and tones them. Here are a few yoga poses that can help you to keep up the metabolism:

Kapal Bhati pranayama: A breathing technique, this yoga asana helps increase your rate of metabolism, stimulates your abdominal organs to function properly, improves digestion and helps tone the muscles of your tummy.

Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana: A backward bending pose, this asana helps stimulate your abdominal organs to function optimally. Apart from that it also helps enhance the working of your digestive system and improves blood circulation.

Utkatasana: Also known as the chair pose this asana is perfect to trim the fat around your stomach. It also helps tone the muscles of your thighs, knees and legs. Apart from that it helps burn the fat from your hips and improves posture.

Ustrasana: Or the camel pose, this asana helps improve digestion, stretches and tones the abdominal organs. Apart from that it also helps strengthen the lower back.


The mind is stronger than the body, since it’s the mind that keeps you going even when the body grows tired. Hence, we must also work towards keeping the mind healthy as well and this is where meditation can help you. Meditation brings focus and makes your mind more alert. It also helps you to visualize your end result – a new leaner you. Visualization is another good practice that makes your physical efforts easier as you have already visualized and experienced the effort at a very subtle level. Make a meditation a daily practice and see the change for yourself.

Content courtesy: Art Of Living, India

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