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Weight Loss Tip #109 – Brush your teeth right after dinner


Many of us get midnight cravings which we’re unable to resist, especially if you have ice-cream or an entire packet of chips waiting for you in the kitchen! While we tend to regularly indulge in these cravings, most of us wake up feeling extremely guilty the next morning. Here’s why you should avoid late night snacks. However, don’t fret and go easy on yourself if you ended up snacking right after dinner time. Instead, from now on try this completely foolproof trick which will help in getting rid of all types of cravings post-dinner with almost minimal effort – brush your teeth right after dinner. If you’re looking for other options, here are 10 tips to prevent hunger pangs at night.

How this trick works

We’re constantly told to brush our teeth at least twice a day but only few of us follow that rule and even if we do, it is usually right before we hit the sack. Instead, make sure to rush to your bathroom right after your meal and thoroughly brush your teeth for at least five to eight minutes. Use a tooth paste with a strong mint flavour so your mouth feels completely refreshed once you’re done. By doing so, even if your spouse or other family members are busy on snacking on sweets or other types of junk food, you won’t get the urge to join them because after already brushing your teeth once, you wouldn’t want to lose the fresh feeling in your mouth or for that matter brush your teeth twice before bedtime! Here are more practical tips to control midnight cravings. This hack is perfect for people who don’t have the time or inclination to follow a strict diet regime and this will definitely help in controlling your junk food intake.

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