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10 foods that melt fat like butter on a hot pan


Weight loss is an issue most people face and try many things like joining a gym, doing yoga, following a particular diet. Most of these methods are very effective if followed consistently. To complement your weight loss efforts, certain foods can help fat loss if included in your diet. While it may not sound realistic, there are certain foods which increase metabolism, trigger hormones that help release fat and  also help detox the body  and aid in a rapid fat loss. It is important to note that these foods need to be a part of healthy diet plan and eating them along with your daily share of junk food will not yield desired results. You may like to read about diet tips that your belly look fit n’ flat.

Here are those magic foods that will help you lose fat quickly:

  1. Bananas

While bananas may not necessarily have the best reputation when it comes to weight loss,the fact that it is a fat burning food is quite surprising. This fruit contains resistant starch which gets  converted to fatty acid in the stomach because of the good bacteria present in the stomach. This helps in metabolising fat and prevent fat accumulation. Here are 10 healthy reasons to go bananas!

Tip: Bananas can be turned into smoothies or cut to pieces and added to a healthy fruit salad.

2. Almonds 

We know the benefits of eating soakA handful of almonds can pack quite a healthy punch. These nuts are rich in protein that helps build muscle, and not add to the fat content of the body. Almonds are also known to boost metabolism, thereby burning fat. (Read: 6 reasons eating soaked almonds are great for your health)

Tip: Almonds can be consumed raw or can be added to a salad.

       3. Whole Grain 

Whole grain is a smart choice as it allows you break down your calories as opposed to processed food. (Read: 7 fat-burning foods you need to eat to lose weight)

       4.  Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is rich in  medium-chain triglycerides. These fatty acids are quickly metabolised by the body and  are hence not stored in the body but utilised by the body for energy production.

Tip: Coconut oil makes an excellent option as a cooking oil if you aim at a quick weight loss.

       5. Lentils 

Lentils are an Indian stable and have various health benefits. They are an excellent source of  iron, deficiency of which can slow down metabolism. Include lentils regularly in your diet to maintain a steady metabolic rate and burn fat effectively.

Tip: Lentils can be added to a salad for a nutritious lunch option.

       6. Hot Peppers

Hot peppers have a fat burning effect especially varieties like jalapenos and chillis. Peppers are rich in  capsaicin that helps reduce belly fat by oxidizing it. It also increases metabolism and thereby ensures that your body burns calories. (Read: 8 foods to help you lose belly fat)

Tip: Hot peppers can be added in the form of flakes in salads.

       7. Broccoli Rabe

Broccoli rabe contains phytonutrient sulforaphane that stimulates an enzyme which in turns stimulates fat cells to burn fat. Broccoli rabe is a green leafy vegetable and not be confused with broccoli. It is also called as rapini.

Tip: A broccoli rabe salad is an excellent weight loss food. Toss some chilli flakes, lemon zest,  olive oil, pine nuts and lemon juice to create this delicious salad. Check out various healthy salad recipes to which  you can add broccoli rabe.

       8. Avocados

Avocados have various health benefits and are  rich in mono unsaturated fatty acids . It is known to improve metabolism and also prevent cell damage caused by free radicals.

Tip: Eat half an avocado with sea salt and tomatoes for an on-the-go breakfast, add avocado to a spinach and green bean salad, or make an avocado smoothie with coconut milk and cinnamon.

       9. Grapefruits

Grapefruit is a great fat-burning food as it helps increase your metabolism while helping you shed those extra pounds by controlling your calorie intake. The fruit is also rich in fibre, helping regulate and maintaining blood glucose levels.

Tip: Grapefruit can be added to a fruit salad, smoothies or can be squeezed to extract its juice.

     10. Zucchini

Zucchini can be added to green juice or even smoothies.  Zucchini has various health benefits and is also rich in Vitamin C, potassium, and chlorophyll which helps you cut down on the calories.

Tip: Zucchini can be added to a salad or crushed to form a healthy juice or smoothies.

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