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True weight loss stories: ‘I lost 61 kg in nine months without dieting’

Arpan Gupta - Before and AfterIn this new series, we’re going to document the efforts of individuals who’ve undergone amazing transformations. First up is Arpan Gupta. He tells us how he lost a staggering 61 kg in nine months without dieting. Here’s his story: 

Who am I?

I am Arpan Gupta, a 31-year-old veteran of the Market Research Industry. I did my Masters in International Business from the Delhi School of Economics and from 2010 had been working in the wide domain of Market Research and Policy regulations. I’ve been married for the last three years.

When did you realise you needed to lose weight?

In February 2012, I weighed a staggering 125 kg. I was disease-free and didn’t have any significant health issues. Gymming or exercising was never on the cards. Then one fine Sunday, my wife insisted on joining a gym. To give her company I thought I would also try my hand there. But an amazing thing happened. Once I joined the gym, I started enjoying it.  I loved running on the treadmill and seeing others do similar exercises really motivated me. In fact, I continued working out for nine months while my wife left the gym in a month! However, during those months, as I was consistently losing weight I received immense support from my parents and my wife.

Was it tough to get started?

My early days at the gym were cumbersome since I didn’t know how to do the various different kinds of exercises. My trainers helped me a lot there. Initially, it used to be more of cardio, and then I shifted to a mix of cardio and weight training. But yes, I never did any exercise that wasn’t in my comfort zone. I did some running, weight lifting and pulling. Also I made other subtle changes in my life and I took the more physical options. For example, instead of using escalators at metro stations, I used the stairs.

Did you follow a specific diet regime? How long did you follow it?

For nine months, I followed a strict regime. I didn’t eat any junk food or any sugar-heavy items like rasgullas. I ate cornflakes for breakfast, roti-subzi and dahi for lunch, fruits in the evening and roti-dal and dahi for dinner. I would also indulge myself with one chocolate a day. I can proudly say that I never deprived myself of food or went hungry. I wasn’t ‘dieting’ in the way most people do, I was just eating healthy. I ate things that would give me energy, nothing sweet.

How much weight did you lose?

When I stepped into the gym for the first time, I weighed 124 kg now I weight around 63 kg. I lost 61 kg at the gym.

Any tips you’d like to share with people who’re struggling to lose weight?

If I can lose 61 kg, which to be fair looked impossible at one stage, then anyone can achieve it. Also people need to realise that you can’t lose weight by remaining hungry. You will never lose weight that way. Just eat healthy, exercise for 30 minutes every day and just live a more physically active life.  

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