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Can aerobics help you lose weight?

Aerobics is a cardiovascular activity for stamina and endurance. It is like a dance workout which is done on music and helps tone your body and also improves flexibility. The moves are set to popular music and the exercises are combined with dance steps to help keep the movement going and keep one’s heart rate up. The intensity of the workout can vary from one class to the other depending on the fitness levels of the people working out. 

While doing aerobics, the large muscles in the body such as the arms, legs and hips are in constant movement. Breathing becomes faster and maximizes the amount of oxygen in the blood. The heart starts beating faster which increases the blood flow to the muscles and to the back of the lungs. This reduces the risk of many conditions including obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stroke and types of cancer. We ask aerobics expert Rupesh Pednekar if this workout can lead to effective weight loss.

How is it helpful in weight loss?

If you are looking to burn fat or lose weight, then aerobics is one of the best ways to achieve this. With a cardio workout, you not only reap in the benefits of a disease-free body but also burn calories and fat. Cardio workouts typically burn around 60% of the fat of the total calories burned during exercise. This means that if you brisk walk for 45 minutes you are likely to burn 250 calories which means that you end up burning 150 fat calories. Although the total calories you burn with aerobics will depend on a lot of factors like age, gender, weight and activity, yet with a proper guided workout you can burn up to 700 calories. 

Is aerobics recommended for everyone?

Yes, aerobics is a physical activity for everyone regardless of age, weight and fitness levels. Regular activities such as walking, swimming and bicycling are all a part of aerobics.

Who should avoid doing aerobics?

One of the downfalls of aerobic exercises is that it impacts your joints especially the knees. Therefore heavy aerobic workouts are not recommended for people suffering from arthritis or soreness in joints.

How many times should it be done in a week?

When planning your weekly exercise routine, you should plan for both aerobic and strength training to get the most out of your weight loss routine. Aerobics should be done at least three times a week.

What kind of diet do you recommend for best results?

People who do aerobics should consider protein as an integral part of their diet. For those trying to lose weight, diet rich in protein and fibre curb the cravings for food and make you full faster and for longer. It is recommended to have 1.4 to 1.8g of protein per kilogram of body each day.

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