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Vinyasa flow — the ultimate yoga asana for weight loss

Steps to do this asana:

  • The sequence starts with parvatasana or the downward dog pose. Keep your knees on the floor and place your palms under the shoulders with the spine straightened and relaxed. Exhale and push your hips towards the ceiling as you straighten your knees. Your body should form an inverted V-shape. Breathe normally and hold this pose for five breaths.
  • Now, lower your hips. Keeping the pelvis on the floor, lift your chest off the floor to achieve Bhujangasana or cobra pose. Breathe out as you do this. Hold this pose for five breaths.
  • Now breathe out, relax your spine and align it to achieve the plank position or Kumbhakasana. Hold this position for five breaths.
  • Go back into the downward dog pose and repeat the entire cycle five times.

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