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How to prevent skin sagging after weight loss

Weight loss is a difficult and hard journey. Daily workouts, diet restrictions and sacrifices in social enjoyment are required for a svelte figure. But even after losing all those pounds, we are left with many reminders of our heavier selves. With weight loss, skin sagging or loose skin often takes place, leaving us less than ready to wear that bikini or swimming trunks. Luckily, there are a few ways to moderately prevent skin sagging after weight loss. American Dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia, MD and Medical Director of Lumiere Dermatology, New Delhi shares tips. 

Don’t lose weight too rapidly

Rapid weight loss is associated with loose skin. Essentially, our skin has a certain amount of elasticity built in. When we gain weight or lose weight, our skin expands and contracts to accommodate those changes. However, if weight changes are too large in too short a period of time, our outer envelope is not able to shrink enough. This leaves folds of skin just hanging around our waistline, with nowhere to go. To prevent this, make sure you lose no more than 1 kg a week.

Remember to exercise

Exercise is a vital component of any weight loss regimen. However, many forget about it and choose to solely focus on dietary interventions. Unfortunately, this is a grave mistake. Not only will exercise help you lose weight and keep it off, it also improves skin elasticity and flexibility. This means that skin sagging is much less likely to occur! Make sure you exercise at least 5-6 days a week for 45 minutes to an hour a day.

Don’t forget strength training

Strength training, or lifting weights, helps build those muscles under your flesh. Yet, many fear using weights because they think they will bulk up. This is not true. When accompanied with a proper weight loss diet, weight training makes your body and skin stronger. With muscle supporting your skin, your body will be tighter and tougher. And, skin sagging will significantly reduce. 

Drink enough water

Dehydration will often result in skin not having enough elasticity. And, with the difficult weather conditions in India, dehydration is much more likely to occur. Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day is an absolute must to give your body and skin the vitality it needs. Remember, coffee and tea do not count, and alcohol makes you lose fluid, so make up for those losses with extra water intake.

Get a body massage

Simple body massage is an important adjunct to your weight loss activities. With massage, the skin is stimulated to increase collagen and elastin, giving it the boost in elasticity it needs to withstand the changes it is facing. Make sure you get a body massage at least 1-2 times a week. And, try to use cocoa butter which provides your skin with a strong vitamin E boost. Additionally, every day you should apply a good body lotion with upward strokes. This daily body lotion massage will also help keep your skin strong and supple.

Follow these tips for tighter skin so that you can look great throughout the year. And, in case you still suffer from skin sagging, go to your dermatologist who can prescribe a range of treatments to tighten up that skin.

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