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Can kissing help you burn calories and lose weight?

Kissing is great but can it help you lose weight? Various studies show that it just might be feasible! On an average, kissing can burn around 2-5 calories per minute while kissing. A more rigorous kiss can raise the calorie-meter even further. In fact, if you’re breathing heavily then it indicates that you’re burning more calories.  While 2-5 calories might not be a lot, kissing is certainly more pleasant than running on the treadmill. Of course, kissing burns fewer calories than sex. A study showed that on an average, women burned 3.1 calories per minute while having sex while men burned 4.2 calories a minute.

Sexy tip:  Try kissing in unusual positions. You can burn more calories if you are standing than sitting, and moving than still.

Other benefits of kissing:

  • Kissing lowers cholesterol and decreases high blood pressure.
  • An intense kiss requires almost all face muscles. So, kissing tones up your facial muscles and helps in fighting wrinkles.
  • Kissing produces saliva which helps neutralize acids which can cause decay, and washes away food particles and cavity-inducing plaque that’s beginning to form.
  • Another study found that kissing can slow histamine production (a compound released by cells in response to injury and in allergic and inflammatory reactions), providing relief from sneezing and running nose – symptoms associated with hay fever.
  • A recent study found that when you’re kissing someone, your body releases oxytocin (a calming chemical), endorphins (which are the feel-good chemicals) and dopamine (which promotes bonding)

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