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Weight loss diet plans for different calorie needs

Evening snack: Your evening snack should be a combination of 4 filler items.


1. 2 biscuits (Marie/ KrackJack/ Glucose/cream crackers/ Monaco)

2. 1 medium-sized diet khakra

3. 1 medium-sized idli

4. ½ medium-sized sada dosa

5. 17 grapes

6. 6 to 8 strawberries

7. 2 to 3 plums

8. 18 to 20 cherries

9. 4 medium slices pineapple (diameter of the slice is approximately 3 inches)

10. 1 medium-sized orange/ apple/ pear

11. 6 to 7 lychees

12. 1 bowl watermelon/ muskmelon/ papaya

13. 1 bowl skimmed-milk curd

14. 1 bowl kurmura (puffed rice)

15. ½ bowl sprouts salad

16. Small fistful of channa and 1 glass chhaas

17. 2 boiled egg whites and 1 cracker

18. Vegetable juice

19. ½ bowl vegetable poha

20. Open sandwich with vegetable toppings

21. Chicken and peppers on bread

22. ½ bowl upma with beans and carrots

23. ½ bowl roasted poha chivda with some chana

24. 2 tbsp cornflakes with skimmed milk

25. ½ bowl hakka noodles with veggies

26. ½ bowl pasta in red sauce with mushrooms

27. ½ bowl spaghetti with spinach

28. 1 bowl popcorn without butter

29. Cornflakes bhel (2tbsp corn/ wheat flakes + 2tbsp chopped vegetables)

30. 1tbsp hummus and 1 cracker

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