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How Imran Khan bulked up for MKBKM

imran-khan pageWhile Imran Khan is busy promoting his new film Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola (MKBKM), we can’t but look back at a year-old news piece in which Imran was asked by director Vishal Bhardwaj to bulk up for MKBKM to play the part of a rustic Haryanvi lad. The talented actor was having trouble bulking up because of his fast metabolism (he is definitely an ectomorph) which keeps him naturally thin. Now looking at the trailers, we can see he has achieved his goal – he definitely looks the part. So how did he do it?

The actor admits he never really concentrated on getting any particular ‘look’, just on staying fit and agile.  According to the actor, the task of putting on weight and building muscle was quite daunting, but with the right changes to his diet and exercise regime it was much easier than he initially thought.

While most actors and actresses have to go very high maintenance to get that lean look this lucky guy actually dug into delicious meals to bulk up. Breakfast usually comprised of a tall glass of milk, along with omelettes and toast. Lunch would consist of a generous helping of his favourite daal chaval along with chicken. The chicken the actor claims was essential to get the physique. Dinner was usually light, and most times is just a glass of proteins shake. As for his work outs the actorconcentrated on hitting the gym six days a week and made sure that he concentrated on the ‘show muscles ‘- his shoulders, arms and chest – throughout his schedule.

Here are some of his tips to get that gorgeous physique

Shape you diet according to your needs: To get the bulky look, Imran changed his diet to one high in carbohydrates and proteins. Incidentally, this kind of diet is preferred by high intensity athletes, bodybuilders and people who do heavy manual labour. It provides them with a lot of energy and stamina; they are raring to go throughout the day. It also gives the body enough nutrition to help recover after heavy workout sessions.

Pay attention to your metabolism:  Since he needed to put on muscle mass for his role, Imran says that he keeps his metabolic rate in mind while working out. According to him if you have a high metabolic rate then it is better to concentrate more on weights than cardio. This helps to burn muscle mass instead of fat.

Set your target: It is very important for one to set their target weight and keep a check on it throughout the workout schedule. This way we are able to alter the intensity of the workout depending on the amount of weight one needs to lose or put on.

Keep your body active: He maintains that apart from his normal gym routine he makes sure that he keeps his body active by indulging in martial arts, practising yoga or simply taking the stairs if he is short on time.

Steer clear of steroids: Even though steroids, can help you get that ‘perfect’ look, its long term ill-effects like impotency and hormonal imbalance are just not worth the risk.

Imran Khan’s challenge was to develop muscle definition. One look at the trailer of MKBKM, and we know that his regulated diet and workout regime has achieved the desired result.

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