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8 Weight-Loss Struggles Every Stay-at-Home Mom Understands  

Losing weight can be hard for anyone, but when your full-time job allows for sweatpants and has a conveniently stocked fridge at your disposal, dropping lbs can seem way tougher than you imagined. Though we know you totally got this whole pounds-dropping thing, we feel your struggle to overcome everything from craving kid food to sitting on your butt for hours on end during the endless kid-chauffeuring. Behold, the biggest offenders:

1. It’s Yoga Pants O'clock All Day, Every Day
They hug your butt perfectly and don’t pinch when you bend over to pick up toys. They can be thrown in the wash six days a week, still fit, and easily make room for five extra pounds without giving you a heads up. Jeans blow, but at least they’re honest. 

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2. Making It to an Exercise Class Is a Workout in Itself
Remember when your biggest workout obstacle was deciding whether or not you felt like going? Now, it entails tracking down a class with child care, packing snacks and bodies into the car, hoping someone doesn’t throw up on the way there, and listening for screams while you sweat instead of focusing on your squats. How rejuvenating. 

3. Leftovers Laugh In Your Face
There’s a steamy, cheesy, barely touched bowl of mac leftover from the baby's lunch, and you’re supposed to dump it in the garbage and pull out lettuce for yourself? Ha…

4. You're Constantly Crashing
You will grasp at literally anything for a 4 p.m. boost—sugar-packed Scooby-Doo fruit snacks included.

5. There Are So Many Freakin’ Celebrations
A piece of birthday cake here and there is no big deal—except when you’re averaging nine parties a month. Also, how did "Pi day" become a thing? Now you're cookie decorating, brownie baking, and, of course, taste testing all the freaking time. Must. Resist. Batter.

6. Your Butt is in Perma-Park
Moms are the original Uber drivers, except they come with Goldfish crackers and a toddler-friendly playlist. Between play dates, baby classes, and doctors' appointments, your booty is stationary for more miles than you care to count. And here's the kicker: It’s also exhausting.

7. Feeding Time is a Frenzy  
You need to eat, the kids needs to eat, and there are five minutes to make it happen. So you throw your attention into cutting crusts and making sure they’re not choking. Meanwhile, you literally have no idea what you've just shoveled down your own throat. It could have been last night’s spaghetti for breakfast, but who knows? You blacked out.

8. Watching Is Boring
Kids get to do things while you wait for mini-emergencies and meltdowns. Boredom happens, and so does finishing off a bag of Chex Mix to spice up the afternoon. Hey, it could be the only thing to get you from play date to p.m. Pinot time.

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