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Discard this myth about overweight people


These myths often demotivate people who are overweight or obese and they may feel a lack of enthusiasm and determination to shed those extra kilograms.

Is exercise beneficial?

One of these myths is that ‘overweight people are unlikely to benefit much from exercise’. We know by now that women and men of all ages and weight benefit greatly by engaging in some form of physical activity daily. These health benefits can improve one’s quality of life immensely and there is a wide choice of calorie burning exercises from which to choose.

Start with simple exercises

Start by doing gentle and unstrenous exercises that do not make you feel uncomfortable. You can gradually move to higher calorie burning exercises as your fitness level increases. A fitness instructor may offer you some useful advice regarding the types of exercises that can be done for weight loss.

Seek medical advice

Remember to consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine especially if you suffer from any pre-existing medical conditions.

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