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Avoid undereating to lose weight

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Undereating can make you gain weight

Undereating can actually make you gain weight since many people turn to snacks when still feeling hungry. Snacks that are high in calories due to their high sugar or fat content are usually the first foods that many people turn to when still feeling hungry. Over time, this can lead to taking in more calories than what your body actually needs and this could lead to weight gain.

Lack of nutrients

Eating less food that what is required by your body may result in your body lacking vital nutrients and mineral substances that it requires for energy and to carry out its daily functions at an optimum level. Over time this can cause health conditions to develop.

Health eating

Consuming a highly nutritious and balanced diet on a daily basis will help you to maintain a healthy weight. Allow yourself treats every now and again but stay focused. Be sure to include some exercise into your daily schedule too!

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