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Weighing on your mind

Weighing on your mind

Mind over matter

Sometimes all you need is to be reminded that you have what it takes to drop those extra kilograms. Instead of writing your weight-loss goals off entirely, try changing your approach with a change of mindset. Here is how:

Buddy system

Technology has allowed us to carry a support system in the palm of our hands and the same applies with weight loss. There are countless online groups and forums which all offer weight-loss support and motivation for people on a weight-loss journey. And the best part is that most of them are totally free, all you need is your Facebook account.

I got a weight-loss kick-start thanks to SleekGeek on Facebook and definitely recommend that you start there too!

Have a weight-loss mantra

I am the first to admit that you need more than just repeating, “I will be lean. I will be lean” over and over to lose weight. But, if you keep focusing on the things you can’t do – you won’t be able to stop doing them. So many women tell me that they can’t stop doing something, and I bet you’ve said the same thing too. I used to do that too and I proved myself right over and over again – until I was tired of being right.

Stop telling yourself that you can’t do something and start repeating that you can. You can stop eating junk food. You can stop smoking. You can lose weight. Focus more on what you want to achieve and less on what you think is impossible.

Be your new BFF

We are our own worst enemy, right? For the most part, we are terribly hard on ourselves and are the first to bring ourselves down. I know that I’ve done this in the past and I bet you have too. Stop it, there is nothing as damaging to a weight-loss plan as self-sabotage.

Take a minute or two each day to write out or recite your positive attributes (and there are tons) and focus on them. Instead of beating yourself up about what you aren’t succeeding at, concentrate on the awesome things you are doing!

These could be anything from resisting a slice of chocolate cake to going to gym all week. The smallest victories become massive successes over time, so celebrate them.

Your mindset is more important than anything else you can invest in on a weight-loss journey. You need to be in the right mental space in order to reach your goals.

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