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Eat more to weigh less

Eat more to weigh less

Eat to weigh less

They say that abs are made in the kitchen. This means you need to eat the right kind of food to kick-start weight loss and you need to eat a lot of it.

I’m not saying that you should spend your entire day eating, but if you’re skipping meals at the moment, this post is for you. I have three ways to get you to eat more that will help you to weigh less.

1. Add fruits and vegetables

I do not eat any meal without vegetables and love snacking on fruit. Fruit and vegetables are low in calories but packed with nutrients, which pumps up your plate without it going to your waist.

Vegetables are filling while being lower in calories so you can eat freely of them! Of course, not all vegetables are created equal, but my delicious go-tos include broccoli, carrots and sweet potato.

  • Add a handful of fresh berries to soya or Greek yogurt for a delicious, healthy snack.
  • Opt for fresh produce when snacking, like having cucumber slices with hummus, or celery with peanut butter, or carrots and almonds when the mid-afternoon slump hits.

2. Feed your eyes first

Bulking up your meals with vegetables, will also fill up more space on your plate. This is important because it gives you the illusion that you’re eating more than you are, so you’ll feel full without overeating. I create a full-looking plate without adding a heap of calories by loading up on lots of green veggies and good carbs.

You might recall my earlier post on good carbs vs. bad carbs where I explain why having good carbs in your diet is great for you. I love adding basmati rice to my plate for a good dose of carbs that is also filling and gives me energy for a lot longer than refined carbs would.

3. Add protein and good fats to your plate

We discuss carbs so often that it is easy to forget about protein and good fats. Truth is that these little wonders are key to feeling full and satisfied at the end of a meal. I always make sure that I have fat and protein at each meal because they fill me up and satisfy any cravings that I would otherwise have for sweets and chocolates.

Good options and my favourite sources of protein and fats include:

  • Lean meats like chicken, white fish and ostrich.
  • Avocado is a great source of good fats, and white cheddar in moderation.

By implementing these tips, you will have done the ground work for a healthy weight-loss journey and set a good foundation for healthy eating habits!

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