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Prevent weight gain by avoiding the cafeteria

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Healthy or unhealthy foods

Making purchases at your work cafeteria on a regular basis can lead to weight gain, depending on the types of food that you purchase. Unless your work cafeteria supports healthy eating and nutrition and has balanced meals and snacks on offer, you may be faced with high calorie food options such as deep fried foods and sugary snacks that are available for purchase.

How often do you make purchases at the cafeteria?

The occasional visit to the cafeteria can be overlooked or regarded as a ‘cheat’ or perhaps a treat meal but frequenting it almost every day can lead to weight gain and perhaps other health conditions, apart from it denting your budget. Take-outs can be pricy so instead of budgeting on lunch, consider preparing it yourself.

Make your own lunch

Prepare your own lunch either earlier in the morning or the night before if you have time constraints. Keep your lunch healthy, balanced and colourful and throw in some healthy snacking options too. Fruit and nuts make excellent and convenient snacks. In this way, you can control the number of calories, and amounts of fat, sugar as well as salt that you are consuming and of course, you can keep weight gain at bay!

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