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Hold a weight-loss competition

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Well, if you haven’t, why wait? Get a group of friends, neighbours, family members or even a combination of them all, together and create a little weight-loss competition among yourselves.

Create your own weight-loss competition

At the onset, everyone should come together as a group to decide how the competition would take place and how the winner will be chosen. For example, do you give everyone a time frame of five months and measure who lost the most amount of weight in that time or do you set a target of, for example, three kilograms and the winner is the person who reaches this target first.

Weight-loss related prize

If you cannot get a sponsored prize, consider asking each participant for a little contribution at the beginning of the competition so that a prize can be purchased for the winner. It would be a great incentive to keep the prize related to weight loss. For example the prize could be a gym towel or perhaps a new set of running shoes – all depending on how much prize money is available.

Support one another

It would be to everyone’s advantage if all participants supported one another’s efforts. This can be done by perhaps meeting once a week for an hour to exercise or go for a run together. Alternatively, play a game or engage in some form of physical activity that would aid everybody’s calorie burning efforts.

Remember losing weight can be fun so use this opportunity to have some and enjoy a new waistline too!

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