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Tight, Toned Tummy Tips: This is the #1 reason you overeat

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The number one reason people overeat, or eat things they know they shouldn't is BOREDOM!

You're hanging out at home with nothing to do, so you sit down on the couch and start channel-surfing. What goes well with a bit of Netflix and chill? Potato chips and sweets, or chocolate and pretzels, or ice cream!

And you have a convenient stash of chips and snacks left over from the weekend ... Boom! Suddenly you're in the thick of an extra 2 000 calories of purely unnecessary junk food.

So what can you do to curb boredom?

If you're someone who uses eating as an activity or distraction, you need to either STOP (difficult, but not impossible) or substitute with foods that won’t affect your diet too badly.

Solution 1:

STOP! Instead of eating because you're bored, make a cup of coffee and drink that. [Tweet this] Or better yet, find something that distracts you that doesn't involve consuming anything, like having a power nap, going for a walk, doing sudoku or jigsaw puzzles, or interacting with your children or pets.

Solution 2:

Find foods that are not so destructive to your diet. These should be foods that require effort to chew and eat. Apples, oranges, a handful of raw nuts, raisins, popcorn, a little biltong. These are all foods that will leave you satisfied, but not overeaten.

The best solution here is to not get bored in the first place. Find ways to relax that don't involve sitting around mindlessly. If you're going to do that, rather get some extra sleep. It's good for you.

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