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4 Effective ways to wave goodbye to flappy arm fat

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Many women struggle with fat deposits and untoned muscles on the back of the upper arms. These become loose and saggy and flap around when the arm is raised

Here are some ways to sort this out and get your arms looking better than ever, so you can wear short sleeves again.

Don’t forget to check out #4 for exercises to help you lose flappy arm fat.

1. Wave goodbye to processed foods

The biggest change you need to make to your lifestyle if you have fat reserves like the ones on the backs of your arms is to cut processed foods out of your diet.

This includes fats, lards and oils, fizzy drinks and alcohol, baked goods, fatty and sweetened foods, fatty and savoury foods, refined flours, energy drinks and bars, junk foods, prepared meals and fast food. Making your fat cells smaller through diet is the number one way you're going to tackle this issue, and processed foods are a big no-no when you're trying to lose fat, because they actively promote fat storage.

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