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Tight, Toned Tummy Tips: The best way to start your day

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The best way to start your day

If you want a tight, toned tummy then the best way to start your day is with some exercise.

Before you eat anything drink two cups of water or black, sugar-free coffee (it wakes you up and coffee gives your system a kick-start) and hit the road or gym for thirty minutes to an hour of exercise.

It can be any type of exercise which gets your heart going, makes you sweat, and is challenging. Good examples include running, CrossFit, circuit training, sprints, skipping, bodyweight exercises and stair-climbing.

Fat-burning mode

Beginning your day this way will put your body into 'fat-burning' mode and give you a serious energy shot for the day ahead.

It also takes advantage of the fact that because your tummy is empty, so you can begin burning fat right from the start of your exercise session. If you eat before you exercise, your body burns off the calories in your stomach, before using any fat reserves.

Second-best would be to exercise after a four- or five-hour break from food. So if you eat lunch at 12h00 then you could train at 17h00 and get some of the same benefits.

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