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Summer treats under 500 kilojoules

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Cool treats to cool down

Few things are as pleasurable as tucking into cool, sweet and succulent treats when it's sweltering outside.

The only problem is that some of them are big no-nos for the waistline (think ice cream sundaes, sugary drinks, etc.).

Healthy, refreshing snacks

If you're counting calories or you're on a mission to stay slim this summer, give these low-kilojoule snack ideas a try:

  1. Five medium strawberries dipped in dark chocolate (345 kilojoules).
  2. Fresh fruit kebab with a fat-free yoghurt dip (about 200 kilojoules).
  3. Low-fat custard poured into iced-lolly moulds and frozen (320 kilojoules).

Read on for three more treats under 100 calories...

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