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Join the Sugar Free September Challenge

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Sugar Free September Challenge

Whether you want to slim down or simply improve your health, the Sugar Free September Challenge could be the perfect way to kickstart spring!

How does it work?

An initiative by Karen Thomson, the author of Sugar Free, and UK dietitian Emily Maguire, people are encouraged to sign up and to see how 30 days of sugar free living can improve their health.

Click here to sign up.

Free e-book with sugar free recipes

Each Sugar Free September subscriber will receive a free e-book compiled by Thomson and Maguire. The e-book contains recipes, educational material on the effects of sugar, and tips and tricks on how to get through the day without sugar.

Join the Sugar Free September Challenge

Daily support

Subscribers will also receive daily support via email. These emails will include exercise videos, recipes from Thomon’s book, Sugar Free: 8 Weeks to Freedom from Sugar and Carb Addiction, talks and interviews with top international doctors endorsing the lifestyle.

In addition, subscribers will benefit from educational content and encouragement from international doctor Aseem Malhotra, other experts in the field, and local personality and recovering sugar addict, Bailey Schneider.

“Our hope is to allow individuals to identify the benefits of sugar free living and encourage each and every one to become more authentic in how they think, feel, behave and eat,” explains Thomson.

Join the #SugarFreeSeptember community

Over 2 000 people have already signed up for Sugar Free September. With the key to success being support, everyone is invited to share their experiences and encourage others via social media.

You can join the follow the challenge on Facebook, Twitter: @HELPdietSA and Instagram: SugarFreeKaren To join the conversation, use #SugarFreeSeptember in your social media updates.

Click here to sign up.

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