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The perfect weight-loss pantry: What’s the deal with white rice?

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White rice

Looking for the 'cleanest' way to add some extra energy to your meals? Have kids who are hungry all the time but don't want to feed them wheat-containing foods like bread and pasta? On a diet but still need some starch in your eating plan?

White rice is the answer.

Why WHITE rice? I thought brown rice was healthier ...

Well, actually no. You see, while grains and brown rice are un-milled and unprocessed (which is always supposed to be a good thing) it actually means that they still have their outer 'shell' present which has been sprayed with chemicals and contains what people in the industry call 'anti-nutrients' - potentially harmful chemicals that interfere with digestion.

White rice has been stripped of its bran thereby removing these chemicals from the food. In short, what you end up with is a 'clean' starch - easily digestible and a great energy source.

This is why indigenous cultures who use rice as a staple eat white rice, not brown. And you should too.

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