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5 Naughty foods you can eat on a diet and still LOSE WEIGHT

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The creators of these diets preach death and destruction to all who occasionally eat a block of chocolate.

Well, I'm here to tell you that this new FUNDAMENTALIST DIETING may not be helping you. Why?

Well, when you feel like you can never enjoy your favourite foods and be successful on your eating plan at the same time, most of us revert to type and decide to continue eating whatever we want and stay overweight.

That's not helping anyone. Allow yourself two or three treats per week. You'll feel liberated and much more committed to the rest of your diet.

Here are five foods you can enjoy (in moderation) without having to feel guilty and hopeless:

1. Dark chocolate

If you are a sucker for a bit of chocolate every now and then you're in luck. There is a type of chocolate that will satisfy your craving, get you a decent dose of antioxidants AND help you eat less chocolate than you normally would.

70% (or higher) dark chocolate - a good quality one - is a great way to have something sweet without hurting your diet. A couple of blocks (read two to four) will also satisfy you due to the richness of the cocoa.


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