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Dietary changes for weight loss

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Consider adding the following foods to your meal plan as they support weight loss:

High fibre and low-fat foods

Fruit and vegetables are the best option in this category. They are rich in dietary fibre as well as protective phytonutrients. One portion is approximately one fruit, a cup of salad or half a cup of cooked vegetables.

When purchasing fruits and vegetables, try to keep it colourful by choosing them across the colour spectrum as the different coloured fruits and vegetables offer different nutrients - each with their own amazing benefits. Fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables are always delicious!

Whole grains

Be sure to include whole grains in your meal plan. This may include brown rice as well as starches that are high in soluble fibre such as oats, oat bran, pulses and dried beans.


Low-fat dairy products as well as lean meat, fish and chicken are good for you.

Vegetable fats

Try to include one portion of vegetable fats in your diet. One portion is a teaspoon of canola or olive oil, half an avocado or 10 raw unsalted nuts.

Omega 3 fatty acids (from linseeds and oily fish) can also be included as they contain unsaturated fats that can assist in regulating cholesterol.

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