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Low energy density foods are great for weight loss

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Meals and dishes that contain a low energy density tend to make people eat fewer calories, as there may be very small amounts or a lack of high energy sources such as fats, oils and sugar, contained therein.

You may find that the majority of foods that have a low energy density are those that tend to contain a good quantity of water. An excellent example of low energy density foods are fruits and vegetables, of course.

Remember that you can also prepare your foods in a way such that it can be regarded as a low energy density food, simply by using water instead of other high calorie ingredients or fat sources. An example is to make a broth soup instead of a high calorie one that is loaded with cream and/ or other high energy sources. In addition, you may find that you feel full quicker when having a soup as opposed to having food in a solid form, and this will also aid weight loss!

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