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Use reminders to get slim


What do you do when you seem to have a million things on your to-do list and losing weight is one of them?

Set reminders, off course!

Whether it’s an alarm clock, a timer on your computer, a note on the fridge or even a beeper that goes off at specific time intervals – reminders are the ideal solution to help you remember that it’s time to focus on your weight loss goals!

At home, write a note with a motivating message and stick it on the fridge the night before. It could be a reminder to take healthy snacks to work instead of that chocolate bar that’s been calling your name the past few days, for instance!

You could also programme a reminder on your cell phone to go off during your lunch break  â€“ reminding you to take 25 extra steps during that time. Find some great mini workouts you could do during your lunch break by clicking here. 

The bottom line is that little consistent reminders can keep you focused and make your weight loss strategy easier to maintain.

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