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Cut down on sugar and cut out weight gain

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Whilst we all tend to enjoy the sweet taste that sugar brings with it when added to foods and beverages, it is vital to note that a high intake of sugar can contribute to obesity.

Apart from adding granulated sugar in its actual form to meals, you need to be aware that some processed foods as well as drinks may already have sugar added to them.

Here are some ways in which you can limit your intake of sugar and prevent weight gain.

Read food labels

If you don’t already read food labels, then start now. Look out for the words ‘sugar’, ‘sucrose’, ‘corn syrup’, ‘cane sugar’ and any words that end in ‘-ose’.

Avoid processed foods

Processed and convenience foods may have some form of sugar in them so try and avoid these foods as far as possible.

Look out for Heart Mark

Look out for products that contain the Heart Mark says Jessica Bacon, a registered dietician at the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa, as they are lower in not just sugar but also salt, saturated fats, trans fats as well as cholesterol. In addition, they may be high in fibre (where possible).

Don’t add more!

If sugar is already added to your meals or if your drink is already sweet enough, then don’t add more sugar to it. In fact, don’t even bring the sugar bowl to the table!

Enjoy water

Cut down or avoid beverages that are loaded with sugar. Opt for a glass of water instead.

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