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The perfect weight loss pantry: The purge

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Step 1: The purge

The Golden Rule of what to keep in your fridge and cupboards is "if it's there, you'll eat it".

And as much as we'll all deny it, you have to admit it's true. Right now you're probably able to name a couple of items in your 'special' cupboard that you're dying to eat when nobody is around to see you and make you feel guilty.

So the first step to having a healthy, weight loss friendly kitchen is to purge it of anything you know you shouldn't be putting into your body.

While I can't possibly provide a comprehensive list, I'll give you some suggestions as to what to get rid of immediately:

  • Junk foods (chips, sweets, chocolates)
  • Any cooking oil with the word 'sunflower', 'vegetable' or 'canola' on it
  • Any food item that, when you eat it, makes you feel sick, unhealthy, bloated, gassy
  • Sweetened drinks (cola, artificial juices) and flavoured water

You can choose to give these away, or throw them away - just get them out of your house. They don't benefit you AT ALL.

And if you're going to say that you don't want to waste money by ditching these things you've already paid for then my counter argument is that you could be saving yourself a lot more money in future medical expenses by chucking these foods now.

Just do it. FAT lasts a lot longer than FLAVOUR.

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