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Smoothies can be high in calories

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Here’s why.

Smoothies can include a variety of different food substances, from nuts and raisins to chocolate and sometimes even crushed cookies! The choices are endless.

Everyone has different tastes and preferences and what may seem un-appetising to some may be an absolute treat to others! If however, you are trying to shed some kilograms or need to start losing weight, then you do need to pay more attention to what’s in the smoothies you buy.

Smoothies are often made with full cream ice cream or milk, and can be loaded with sugar and tons of calories! This is excluding the other items that are added for texture and flavour – possibly syrups and sweeteners too!

Next time you feel like a smoothie – avoid buying one and rather make your own. Take control of what and how many ingredients you add, as calories can add up. Opt for low-fat yoghurt instead of full cream ice cream and go for natural sugars that come from fruit, as opposed to high calorie cookies and chocolate. Adding a small variety of fruit will increase the flavour and trying different ones each time will help to keep you motivated.

Remember that every calorie adds up, so while you can treat yourself every now and again, be wary of what you consume on a daily basis.

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