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Leave festive shopping to the last minute and lose weight


Want to shed some kilograms?

Try leaving your festive or other shopping to the last minute! This will result in you having tons of things to buy in a minimal amount of time. The rush will get you moving and help you to keep up the pace as you ‘run’ around trying to make all your purchases.

Park far away

Furthermore, it is relatively difficult to find a parking bay that is close to the entrance when the malls are busy. Thus you may be forced to park far away – embrace this and look at it as a way to burn more calories by walking a longer distance.

Try on many outfits

Need to purchase clothing items? Take as many as you can and try them all on, before deciding which one to purchase. Try one or two items that may appear to be about your size – the stretching and pulling will help increase your calorie burnout as well.

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