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Cut the sugar and slim your waistline


If you are a lover of tea, coffee or other warm beverages that contain sugar then cutting down on the amount of sugar you add to these drinks could save you hundreds of calories. If you usually have three spoons of sugar then try dropping to two and a few weeks later to one-and-a-half, etc.

Use smaller spoons

You could also use smaller sized spoons to add sugar so that the quantity you are consuming decreases.

Cut down on the number of cups!

Now try to cut down on the number of cups you consume daily, and drink a glass of water instead. This could go a long way to preventing weight gain, especially if you tend to have more than a cup or two a day. You will be able to achieve your weight loss goals even sooner.

If you are determined enough to getting a slimmer that waistline then try making all three changes at the same time and enjoy your new figure sooner!

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