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Are diet cooldrinks great for reducing calories?


A University of Texas study showed that participants who drank more than two diet cooldrinks daily, displayed a waist circumference that was 70% greater than those participants who didn’t.

If this doesn’t already deter you from consuming diet drinks, research studies are showing that the cycle may continue and you may actually crave more drinks that are packed with sugar.

Rania Batayneh, a certified nutritionist, says that, "Artificial sweeteners tend to trigger your appetite - making you want more and more sugar - but without actually satisfying a desire for sweets like normal sugar does."

Furthermore diet cooldrink drinkers may consume a high quantity of sugary and fatty snacks, in order to satisfy their cravings. This just adds to more weight gain!

Be kind to your body

She adds that diet cooldrinks are also often loaded with chemical additives. This includes caramel colouring, which is composed by reacting sugars with ammonia and sulfites, resulting in two compounds that have been found to cause lung, liver, and thyroid cancers in mice.

Opt for healthier drinks

Try opting for healthier drinks instead of cooldrinks. If plain water doesn’t sound or look appealing, try adding a slice or two of lemon to it. It is far lower in calories and great for weight loss too.

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