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Boost your metabolism in 5 minutes


If there is only one metabolism-boosting tip you add to your lifestyle and do every day, let it be this one.

3 Benefits of using hand weights

Using hand weights while you watch TV, work out, or wait for the oven light to come on, won't just rev up your metabolism...it will also help strengthen your bones and build lean muscle. So you will...

  • Boost your fat-burning rate

  • Prevent osteoporosis, and

  • Tone your body

Where to buy them

The beauty about using hand weights is that you don't have to be fit to start using them. Just practise a few repetitions every day for five minutes at home, while you're walking, or even at the office.

I bought my hand weights at Mr Price Sport. You can get a light pair of weights for under R40 to start with. Or you could try Game or Sportsman's Warehouse for more options.

Got a set of hand weights? Give this 10-minute sexy arm workout a try!

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