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3 Top diet trends in 2014

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We’re always looking for the optimal way to nourish our bodies without gaining weight and this year has been no different with three diets dominating the first half of 2014.

Depending on your personal nutrition and weight loss goals, some of these diets will work and some won’t. Some are sustainable while others are designed to be a once-off exercise in self-restraint and determination. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

The best results come from experimenting with various ways of eating and listening to how your body responds. Wellness Warehouse have kindly researched everything from Atkins to the Zone Diet to bring you the top three eating trends showing serious staying power in 2014 so far. Here’s the lowdown:


Entertaining the idea of vegetarianism but afraid to fully commit?

Flexitarians reap similar health benefits as those who follow a vegetarian diet by drastically cutting back on the amount of meat they consume and living in the words of Thomas Jefferson, who once said that meat should be treated only as a “condiment for the vegetables".

There are no rules on how much meat you should allow, and individual preferences differ. The one thing all Flexitarians can agree on is that when consumed, meat should always be high-quality and the origins and living conditions of the beast known.

Try it:

  • Frankie Fenner’s Meat Merchants in Cape Town pride themselves on working with passionate suppliers (the type who rear healthy, happy animals) in order to ensure a high-quality transition from the farm to your plate.

  • Wellness Warehouse on Kloof Street in Cape Town stocks fabulously flexitarian options from Sexy Food and Fry’s Vegetarian – click-through for a delicious pizza recipe using one of their great meat alternatives!

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