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Can you drink wine while youre dieting?


One glass of wine

Sometimes a glass of wine at the end of a long, hard day is all that's keeping you from pulling your hair out.

There's nothing wrong with a smooth glass of red or a fruity white to help you relax, but what about when you're trying to lose weight?

A glass of red, for example, is considered good for your heart. Reaching for a second one, according to recent data, could reverse the effects.

One glass has approximately 120 – 150 calories. Provided you're eating right and only stick to a glass a day, it's not a bad thing – just remember to keep it all in moderation.

3 Ways to cut wine calories

  • Change the shape of your wine glass. Tall and thin is best.

  • Save wine for special occasions.

  • Budget those wine calories into your daily diet.

You don't need to cut wine from your weight loss diet completely, but you do need to be smart about it and not overindulge. Stick to one glass a day – or every other day.

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