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Burn calories whilst watching television


Performing simple exercises while watching television may be an easy task for most of us to achieve. Here are some ideas:

  1. Jump on a mini trampoline

  2. Ride a stationary bicycle

  3. Run on a treadmill

  4. Perform a few yoga stretches or push ups during the advertisements

  5. Dance to the song that is playing during the television programme or advertisement

Add variety

The alternatives to ways in which you could burn calories are endless and you can vary them daily so that you do not become bored of the same routine every day. For example, dance during the first advertisement or when a song is played and skip rope for the next advertisement, etc.

Keep healthy foods in front of you

Remember not to keep unhealthy snacks in front of you when watching television. Rather opt for some fruit, nuts or other healthy foods as well as a glass of water instead of deep fried potato chips or a high sugar chocolate bar.

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